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136 A trend study on the penetration limit of renewable energy sources in Jeju Power System Jaehyeong Lee, Sungyoon Song, Jaewan Suh, Doosoo Hyun, Seungmin Jung, Minhan Yoon ICICT 2020
135 Development of Multi-Terminal DC link in Distribution Network C.Han, J.Lee, D,Rho, H.Lee, S.Jung, J.Kim, G.Jang 2020 CIGRE E-Session
134 A Preventive Control Strategy of Embedded VSC HVDC in a Large-Scale Meshed Power System Jaehyeong Lee, Sungchul Hwang, Soseul Jung, Gilsoo Jang, Seungmin Jung, Minhan Yoon Green Energy and Technology Embedded VSC HVDC, HVDC operation, Preventive control, System loss minimization, VSC HVDC
133 AC Control Optimal Set Point of Embedded VSC HVDC in the Perspective of Converting Loss Sosuel Jung, Sungwoo Kang, Gilsoo Jang 2019 IEEE PES General Meeting VSC, HVDC, AC voltage control, setpoint, PSS/e UDM (User Defined Model)
132 A Study on Sizing of Substation for PV generators with Optimized operation of BESS Yeuntae Yoo, Seungmin Jung, Heesung Moon, Gilsoo Jang 9th Solar & Storage Integration Workshop BESS, PV, Sizing, Substation
131 An Advance Index to Evaluate the Stability of MMC-HVDC and Offshore Wind Power Generation Zicong Zhang, Junghun Lee, Changhee Han, Soseul Jeong, Gilsoo Jang APAP 2019 MMC-HVDC, ESCR(effective short circuit ratio), offshore wind power, inertia response, frequency stability
130 A Novel VSC HVDC Frequency Control Strategybased on Neural Network Power Estimation using ROCOF Soseul Jeong, Lee Junghun, Gilsoo Jang CSGRES2019 VSC HVDC, Control, Frequency, Neural Network, Power Estimation
129 DC Micgrogrid ESS Substation for AC Distribution Grid Support Yeuntae Yoo International Conference on DC Microgrid 2019 DC Microgrid, ESS, Renewable
128 Analysis of Transient Characteristics of MTDC System Based on PSCAD modeling Zicong Zhang, Junghun Lee, Changhee Han, Woosung Kim, Gilsoo Jang ICEE 2019
127 VSC HVDC Capacitance Estimation for Inertia Emulation Control in Jeju Island Power System Sungchul Hwang, Changhee Han, Jaehyeong Lee, Minhan Yoon, Seungmin Jung, Gilsoo Jang ISIE 2019 -
126 Optimal Operation of Soft-Open Points for High Penetrated Distributed Generations on Distribution Networks Changhee Han, Sungyoon Song, Yeuntae Yoo, Jaehyeong Lee, Minhan Yoon, Gilsoo Jang ICPE2019-ECCE Asia Soft Open Point, Multi-objective Optimization, Operation Strategy, Voltage Source Converter.
125 Multi-Objective Optimized Operating Strategy of BTB-VSC for Grid Service Changhee Han, Jaehyeong Lee, Sungchul Hwang, Gilsoo Jang ISIE 2019 Voltage Source Converter, Multi-objective Optimization, Grid Service
124 Analysis of Fault Recovery and Transient Characteristics of Hybrid Bipolar HVDC System Based on RSCAD modeling Zicong Zhang, Gilsoo Jang ICEE 2018 hybrid bipolar HVDC, neutral cable, recovery characteristic, transient characteristics, FACTS
123 Design and RTDS Test for Thermal Protection in Icheon Substation HTS Distribution System ASC 2018
122 A Study on Determination of Operating Point of HVDC System in Metro area JaeHyeong Lee, Soseul Jung, Minhan Yoon, Seungmin Jung, Jongan Kim, Gilsoo Jang ICESI 2018 -